Switzerland By Rail

The Glacier Express

A trip from St.Moritz to Zermatt, or from Piz Bernina to the Matterhorn is a must for anybody who comes to the country. You simply have to see Switzerland’s spectacular countryside. The Glacier Express is one of the most popular train rides in Europe. It is also known as the “slowest express train in the world”, allowing its passengers to enjoy the fabulous landscapes and lush greenery. It takes nearly seven hours to complete the trip from Zermatt to St. Moritz and vice versa.

There are two daily Glacier Express trains during winter, and many during summer, besides regular local trains operating over the Glacier Express’s routes. Travelers can see nearly 290 bridges and viaducts, 91 tunnels and several valleys; the train also passes the Oberalp Pass at the highest point of 2,033 meters in altitude. The train has large windows and air conditioning that allow travelers to truly enjoy the ride. Passengers can have delicious meals served in the dining cars or at their seats. The train passes through the pleasant Goms Valley, offering incredible views of the majestic Matterhorn. This is the best way to see the countryside in all its beauty.

The Bernina Express

The Bernina Express runs a smooth and pleasant ride from Chur via St. Moritz to Tirano or Chur via Davis to Tirano and vice versa. The ride takes you through 55 tunnels and over 196 bridges. Compared with the Glacier Express, this ride will offer you a different set of sights to see – by climbing along remote plateaus, summiting wild gorges, crawling through zigzag mountain lines and descending towards Italy on the other end. During summer, open-air cars give passengers the opportunity to feel the refreshing mountain air. If you are planning to visit the country during summer, don’t miss this ride and don’t forget your camera!

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