Some Swiss Specialties

This section of the site is dedicated to all the things that Switzerland is famous for, starting with cheese.

Exotic Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is well known for being holey. To make this cheese, cheesemakers use bacteria called “propiomibacter shermani”. That is how the holes are created. When the bacteria are added to the mixture, carbon dioxide bubbles start to form – and these bubbles will become holes. The size of the holes can be controlled, by changing the temperature and acidity. Cheese is used in almost all traditional Swiss dishes.

The quality of milk is extremely important. The milk must be fresh, and has to be delivered to the cheese factory in time (meaning several hours after milking). Most of the cheese varieties are made from non-pasteurized milk. The first stage is to warm the milk to the specific temperature in a cauldron. After this, rennet is added. Rennet is produced in the calf’s stomach and it contains various enzymes. Protease is one of these enzymes. It coagulates the milk, making it separate into liquid and solids.

This mixture is then reheated to get rid of the remaining liquid. Cheesemakers know exactly what temperature is needed to produce different types of cheese. After this stage, the solids are put into a mould and pressed to remove excess liquid. After one day, the cheese is removed from the mould and immersed in a salt-water bath (the recipe is unique and secret). The cheese stays there for a few hours. The time varies depending on the type of cheese. Different types of cheese are prepared in different parts of Switzerland. The most popular cheese dishes include fondue and raclette. Fondue is made from melted cheese. It is usually consumed with small pieces of bread or potato. Raclette is made from potatoes and cheese and served with onions. The most popular Swiss cheeses include Gruyere, Gaiskasli, Bitto, Bellelay, Bellago, Emmental, etc.

Swiss Chocolate

In 1697, the Mayor of Züric, Heinrich Escher, introduced chocolate to the Swiss. In 1722, the Zürich Council banned chocolate because they believed it was an aphrodisiac. Today, Switzerland’s chocolates are among the best in the world. On average, a Swiss eats nearly 21 pounds of chocolate per year. Swiss chocolates are made from the finest milk and cream. Milk chocolate is just one of the things the country is famous for. There is a high rate of consumption of chocolate all year round, but spring is the peak season. Each region has a unique method of preparing and presenting its chocolate. Only the best ingredients are used in chocolate-making process. Some of the most popular Swiss brand names include Nestle and Camille Bloch.

Exquisite Swiss Wine

You will find a huge selection of wines available in Switzerland. They have a rich and long winemaking heritage. You can find all types of wine: red, white and other sparkling wines. Only one percent of the wine produced in the country is available for export. The Pinot Noir is a popular grape sort grown almost all over the country. It is used for making some of the finest wines in the world, but this variety is difficult to cultivate. It requires knowledge, experience and time. Red wine made from Pinot noir is produced in Schaffhausen, Neuchâtel, Bündner Herrschaft and St.Gallen.

The World Famous Swiss Banking System

The banking system in Switzerland is known for its discretion and secrecy. The Swiss National Bank was established in 1907. Switzerland is now the world’s largest private banking center with over 500 major banking institutions. How did it happen? Economic and social development in the 19th century called for certain changes in the banking system. Savings and co-operative banks made various changes in their policies, in order to meet the needs of local villagers who needed smaller loans. Capital needs of industry and railway infrastructure boosted development of industrial banks. Today, Swiss banks are famous for their secrecy, discretion and reliability.

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