Lugano – the pearl of Lake Lugano

The name of the city comes from the Latin term “lucus”, meaning “sacred forest”. The city is located in the south of Switzerland, in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, nearly 8km away from the Italian border.

Lugano is surrounded by mountains, including Monte Brè, Monte San Salvatore and the Sighignola. Due to the fact that it is situated south of the Alps, climate is mild, compared to most other places in Switzerland. Thanks to its temperate climate, Lugano is very popular, especially in the spring, when the camellias are in full bloom. It is one of the most visited places in the country, especially during the spring and summer months.

Lugano is a cultural and business center. When it comes to culture, Lugano is greately influenced by Italy. For example, popular foods, wine, music, architecture and even the way of life are very similar to what you can find in Italy. Along the lake, you will see lots of Venetian-type villages, again reflecting the Italian influence on Lugano. Nearly all tourists will tell you that Lugano is a perfect place for various outdoor activities. The mountains offer hiking and skiing activities, whereas the lake offers activities like sunbathing, swimming, sailing and many more. Boating on the Lake Lugano is an experience of a lifetime. Another great thing about this place is that you won’t need to use public transportation to see the beautiful surroundings. The best way to really see Lugano is on foot. Here are some of the important places in Lugano:

1.Alpenrose Chocolate Museum

Very few delicacies can compare to world-famous Swiss chocolate. Each year, thousands of “chocoholic” tourists come to see the Alpenrose Chocolate Museum located on Via Rompada. The museum will show you the entire history of chocolate production in Switzerland. Unfortunately, you can’t get any free samples!

2.Monte Brè

This small mountain near Lugano is probably the sunniest place in the country. Brè Village is very small, with nearly 300 inhabitants. Lugano and Bre are connected by bus service. The village offers several tourist attractions, including the Path of art, the Lavatoio fountain and Wilhelm Schmid Museum. This place was the artist’s residence, and today it is a museum where many of his works are preserved.

3.Hermann Hesse Museum

This is where Hermann Hesse, a German-born Swiss poet, novelist, and painter spent most of his life. Hermann Hesse won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1946. The museum is known for exhibiting his work, including a 50-minute film about his life.

4.Swiss Miniature Village

Visit this interesting place to see replicas of the major buildings in Switzerland. There is a special guidebook that explains all the replicas in detail. It is a fun place to visit with children.

5.Cantonal Art Museum

If you are interested in art, this is the most important place to visit in Lugano. The museum is located at the center of the town. It has a very important role in studies and conservation of works belonging to the Canton, extension of its heritage, and preserving numerous famous works of art. Temporary exhibitions are often organized in the Museum.

The permanent collections include the works of Italian and Swiss-Italian artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. You will see the works of Vincenzo Vela, Luigi Rossi, Filipo Franzoni, Edmondo Dobrzanski, Varlin, Flavio Paolucci and Massimo Cavalli.

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