Lucerne – the city of Romance

This city is the capital of the Canton of Lucerne, and the eighth largest city in Switzerland. It is situated on the shores of the lake Lucerne, near the beautiful mountains Rigi and Pilatus. Lucerne has a population of around 60,000 people. Its scenic beauty is the reason why Lucerne is considered a popular tourist destination. The city was founded in 1178. In the beginning, Lucerne was a simple fishing village. Today, it still manages to retain its beautiful medieval atmosphere. Several large hotels had already been constructed before 1900, as well as other buildings to aid tourism. In addition to the stunning Lake Lucerne right at its doorstep, the city has numerous historical attractions.

Its remarkable position near the lake makes the city very popular with poets, painters and musicians looking for inspiration. Lucerne is also the capital of Central Switzerland because of its size, centralized location and economic potential. The center of Lucerne has numerous small streets with houses, shops and hotels.

Another major attraction of the city is the famous Chapel Bridge on the Reuss River. The Water Tower is another interesting place to see in Lucerne. If you thought Switzerland was just about mountains and snow, you should see Lucerne’s carnival. This carnival is one of the best and the biggest in Switzerland, so it’s no wonder that so many visitors come here every year to watch and participate.

Highlights of Lucerne

The Dying Lion of Lucerne

Sculpted by the Bertel Thorvaldsen in the early 1800s, the sculpture of the lion lies on shields with a spear sticking out of its body, honoring the hundreds of Swiss guards who were killed during the French Revolution while they were defending the Tuileries Palace in Paris. The American writer Mark Twain said the monument was “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world.” Located in a small park just off Lowenplatz, it is easy to get here.

Swiss Museum of Transportation

This museum is nearly 20,000 square meters big. Besides transportation exhibits, you will also see a large planetarium and Switzerland’s one and only iMax theater. Lying on the shimmering lake of Lucerne, this is one of Switzerland’s most popular museums. The museum offers an amazing variety of exhibits such as railway cars, airplanes, automobiles, ships, and even spaceships. You can see the oldest steamboat in the country, the Riga, built in 1847. The museum has attractions for both adults and children, which is why it is a popular family destination.

Glacier Garden and Mirror Maze

Even if you are not very fond of art and history, Lucerne can still offer you some alternative entertainment. The Glacier garden is a great natural monument and a popular tourist spot. The Mirror Maze is located inside the garden and has over 90 mirrors. The corridor might seem endless, although it is actually quite short.

Mt. Titlis

Located conveniently near Lucerne, Mt Titlis is a small paradise on Earth. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most famous mountains in Switzerland. The place is perfect for taking photos, as you can go on an aerial cable car, offering a fantastic 360-degree view of the valleys, lakes, forests, and mountains. And let us not forget the Titlis Glacier Park and its amazing rides on snow tubes and sledges on the snow runs that will definitely boost your adrenaline.

Lake Lucerne

This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Riding in a steamboat or a luxury cruise is the ultimate way to enjoy it. There are many different tours lasting from one to six hours. These boats also take tourists to resorts, hiking trails and cable car stations as well. The paddle steamers have many regular trips from Lucerne, and a daylong cruise will let you make as many stops as you wish on the way.

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