Lausanne – the intellectual capital

Lausanne is a medium-sized city located on a steep hill on the northern side of Lake Geneva in southwest Switzerland. Set in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Lausanne is the capital of the Canton of Vaud, and it also has international importance. Located on the shore of the Lake Geneva, with hills and vineyards all around it, Lausanne is a lively city.

Being the fifth largest city in Switzerland, it is an economic and administrative center. The International Olympic Committee is based here since 1914. The headquarters of the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the Federal Tribunal are also located here. The city has hosted many international conferences. Lausanne has a rich history. The Roman camp “Lousanna” was located here, near the lake, in the area that is now the village of Vidy.

Lausanne is easily accessible by train and it is an important railway hub. You have a variety of activities to choose from such as skiing, hiking and mountaineering. The attractive old town of Lausanne is car-free. Lausanne is similar to its neighbor Geneva in many ways. With steep hills, glistening blue water, white crowned Alps and glittering sunlight, Lausanne is a spectacular city famous for its natural beauty.

The Old town of Lausanne is a charmer, with many beautiful buildings like one of Switzerland’s most stunning Gothic-style cathedrals – the Cathédrale de Notre Dame located in the center of the Old town (Vieille Ville). It is a colorful medieval town with wonderful festivals all year round. Visitors love the colorful farmer markets in the streets of the Old Town. There are plenty of boutiques and souvenir stores as well.

Some of the Lausanne’s trademarks:

Olympic Museum

Located at the Ouchy shore, this museum has more than 10,000 artifacts right from the ancient Greek games to the modern Olympic Games. No wonder this is one of Lausanne’s best tourist attractions. You can see various kinds of sports equipment, including that used in the ancient times. The Olympic Museum has both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Visitors can see a unique collection of Olympic objects, the Olympic studies center, education section, library, auditorium, meeting rooms, restaurant and of course, a souvenir shop. You will also find an impressive display of special moments of the Olympics.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

One can easily call this the most appealing Gothic church in Switzerland. This Cathédrale stands almost 500 ft. above the Lake Geneva in the impressive hillside city of Lausanne. The entire Cathedral is decorated with carved sculptures and bas-reliefs. The construction of this monument began in 1175. Various concerts are held in the Cathedral, making it one of the most interesting places for both locals and tourists.

Lake Geneva Cruise

With hundreds of freshwater lakes in Switzerland, Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) in Lausanne, is known as the most glamorous one. Boating and cruising are very popular. From the shores of Lake Geneva, you can see astonishing Swiss castles and green rolling hills. The cruises are frequent in the summer, so this is the best time to visit the Lake.

Fondation de l’Hermitage

This alluring 19th-century residence was built by the Bugnion family. Numerous temporary exhibitions on fine arts are organized here. Surrounded by a beautiful park with a variety of plants and trees, it gives you an amazing view of the Cathedral of Lausanne and Lake Geneva. Besides the park, there is a charming farmhouse and a great restaurant. The Fondation de l’Hermitage has an excellent collection of more than 350 sculptures, paintings, drawings and engravings.


The Espace Pierre de Coubertin Park is just a short drive from Lausanne, and its waterfront view makes this place very popular. The Vidy Park, named after its neighborhood Vidy, is also a popular attraction. On hot summer days, the park is crowded with sunbathers. Visit the Vidy Park for a nice day out at Switzerland’s most romantic lakeside.

Chez Les Garcons and MAD

With a fun, lively and bright ambiance and impressive Swiss cuisine, this is a very popular nightspot. MAD is one of the biggest Swiss dance clubs with numerous attractions and international DJ performances. MAD is well known for its foam party held every July 31, where many tourists as well as locals come enjoy the party atmosphere.

Bellerive Plage

Situated near the Ouchy neighborhood, Bellerive Plage is an amusement park and much, much more. This park has it all – an enormous swimming pool with a 10 meter diving board, cafes, restaurants, volleyball courts, sandy beaches, entertainment for kids and not to mention, a breathtaking view of the beautiful Lake Geneva.

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