Interlaken – the city of sights

Interlaken is another charming resort in the Alps, located in the Berner Oberland region. The mountains surrounding this place are some of the most beautiful in Switzerland. ‘Interlaken’ means “between the lakes”. Located in between the Lakes of Brienz and Thun, it is one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations.

The greatest attraction in Interlaken is certainly the beautiful castle. The resort region includes several alpine villages such as Beatenberg, Habkern, Iseltwald, Bönigen, Ringgenberg-Goldswil on Lake Brienz and Wilderswil, located at the entrance to the mountain valleys. Exciting activities such as hiking, swimming, sailing and mountain biking are popular throughout the year. When winter starts, the entire region suddenly transforms into an amazing winter resort, offering you thrilling adventures and extraordinary natural beauty. With endless skiing resorts around, this is a true haven for anyone seeking an invigorating experience. If you come during winter, you will see people enjoying popular snow sports, such as ice-skating, sledging, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and many other fun activities. Skydiving in Interlaken is a fantastic adrenaline-boosting activity. Interlaken is a perfect place to jump out of a plane. You can jump off at 15,000ft, which will give you 55 seconds of free fall.

Places to See in Interlaken


The Jungfrau region has the largest connected glacier system in the Alps, as well as huge massifs and frost covered valleys. It has a staggering altitude of 3,454 m (11,300 ft) above sea level. Below the glaciers, you will see the beautiful landscape with several rivers. This wonderful area has long been a popular tourist destination, particularly since the 19th century. Once you reach the summit by cable car, you will enter an unforgettable winter wonderland.

Heimwehfluh Mountain

Another fantastic place with inspiring views! The unique all-weather toboggan run, whisking through the magnificent Rugen forest, is fun for both adults and children. The restaurant at the summit with an open-air café is just one of the popular local tourist spots.


This deep blue lake lies in the northern part of the Alps and Interlaken. It is truly a wonderful way to relax and experience the lake Thun in all its glorious beauty. Silver tipped mountains, mysterious caves, cruises on the lake, hiking, biking, cableways taking you to the mountain peaks or just enjoying a stroll along the lake, are some of the things this area has to offer you.

Mystery Park

This is an extremely interesting park, designed by Erich von Daniken. The park shows the seven pavilions that explore the explanations and answers to some of the biggest mysteries of the world. Von Däniken has written books on the subject of alien-influenced earthlings. All attractions are related to the idea of paranormal activities on Earth. This truly impressive park has roused the curiosity of all people who have visited it, evoking a series of questions about the earth’s unsolved mysteries.

Here is what you can see in the seven pavilions:

• Vimana – tries to figure out the reality behind the “flying vehicles” mentioned in the great Indian epics, Mahabharata and Ramayana.
• Challenge – related to the concept of outer space and visits to Mars.
• Orient – the mysteries of the Giza Pyramid.
• Nazca –the secret of Nazca lines close to Peru.
• Contact – explores the concept of cargo cults.
• Mega Stones – tries to solve the mysteries related to the Stone Age.
• Maya – an effort to find out more about the Mayan calendar.


This is one of Interlaken’s main streets running in between Interlaken West and the Interlaken Railway Stations. The Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel is 150 years old and thousands of tourists come to visit the place every year. This splendid avenue running between the east and west stations gives you a magnificent view of the Jungfrau, surrounded by old-fashioned hotels and flowerbeds. Interlaken has many souvenir shops, making it a perfect spot for shoppers. Swiss Army Knives, chocolates, watches, cuckoo clocks, accessories, t-shirts and other souvenirs can be found in these stores.

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