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Montreux is a small resort town also called “The Pearl of the Swiss Riviera”. It is located in the Canton of Vaud, at the shores of Lake Geneva. Due to its mild climate, Montreux is one of the most popular European destinations and one of Switzerland’s most loved resorts. You can enjoy long walks along the lake bay, take a trip in the cogwheel train or simply stroll around the town. Besides well-known music festivals, numerous historical buildings, interesting shopping events and scenic wonders, there are other things to enjoy as well. Montreux is well known for its world-famous month-long Jazz Festival, organized every year. Many famous musicians and bands perform here, like Deep Purple, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Black Eyed Peas, The Corrs, and others. This jazz festival is a big tourist attraction and many people come to Switzerland to see the spectacular shows, making this event a big money spinner for the Swiss tourism industry.

Many famous people, including Jean-Jaques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Freddie Mercury, and Charlie Chaplin have lived in this magnificent town.

If you come to Montreux in winter, don’t forget to visit the Christmas market. In summer, the lake is the center of all recreational activities such as all kinds of water sports, swimming, sun bathing, and cruising alongside Lake Geneva.

There are many places to visit for fun, such as discos, jazz bars, restaurants, shops, malls, and hotels. The salt mines of Bex are located about 15 minutes from Montreux. Here you can learn all about salt extraction, and different mining techniques.


This charming town is located on the shores of Lake Maggiore between Locarno and the Italian border. When you come to Brissago, steep mountains, sunny climate, dazzling water and refreshing blue skies will make you wanna stay there forever. Resembling a fairyland, this town is located at the southern side of the Alps. Regular boat service run from Locaro to Brissago through Ascona and the Isole di Brissago (Islands of Brissago). This town is best known for the tobacco and cigar factory (“Brissago” – a long thin Virginia cigar) as well as its fabulous islands. Cigars can be found all around the town and many shops sell these as souvenirs.

Along the narrow lanes leading down to the Lake Maggiore, you can see gardens and parks with lemon and orange trees growing all around. The Brissago islands are well known for botanical gardens, with over 1,500 species of plants that have been imported from around the world, including exotic places such as Japan, China and the Himalayas. You cannot find too many shopping spots, clubs and monuments, but you can have a great vacation in this peaceful place. This is the place where lakes and mountains come together in harmony and offer many relaxing activities like sailing, windsurfing, swimming, horseback riding, boat trips and peaceful walks.


Vals is an enchanting little alpine village in the Canton of Graubünden, located about 1253 meters above sea level. Visiting Vals will be a rejuvenating experience. You will enjoy alpine landscapes and fresh air. The most popular thermal bath was built by Peter Zumthor in the 1980s. It has become a favorite among both locals and tourists. This contemporary bathhouse has contributed to the popularity of Vals. This is what Zumthor wrote about the Therme Vals: “Our spa is no fun fair with the latest technical gadgets, water games, jets, sprays and slides but focuses on the quiet, primary experience of bathing, cleansing, relaxing… the feeling of water and physical contact with primordial stone.” Zumthor decided to build this spa using popular locally found materials. The dark Vals quartzite can be found right here at the valley.

Another well-known beauty in Vals is the “Villa Vals”, built into a hill. The unusual house is constructed underground. It was built to look hidden and you may even miss it if you don’t look for it carefully. The Vals village has many charming stone-tiled Walser houses. The Villa combines authentic architecture, interior decor and a spectacular untouched Swiss nature. Vals is the perfect vacation place, offering you both adventure and relaxation. In summer, you can do some mountain biking, hiking and mountaineering, and in winter you can enjoy cross-country skiing, tobogganing, winter walking and snowshoe trekking. After these exciting activities, the thermal bath is an ideal place to relax.

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