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Switzerland’s alluring climate is another reason why the country is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. The weather in Switzerland varies greatly between different places. Switzerland has warm summers and cold winters. Mountains have the lowest temperature; the higher you climb, the colder it gets. The southern mountains are considerably warmer because there is more sun there. The best time to come here is anytime from March to May (in the spring). The meadows are green, covered in thousands of flowers. Most people will tell you it is perfect to visit Switzerland during the summer or autumn months, but you can also come during the winter months, especially if you love skiing. Summers are warm and humid with periodic rainfall, which is ideal for pastures and grazing. Autumn is the driest season. In winter, the entire landscape looks completely different because of snow and ice, and it is definitely worth seeing. The northern region is more populous, covering about 30 percent of the country’s total area. It is known as the Middle land. The climate pattern of Switzerland is highly inconsistent, which makes the weather conditions a bit difficult to predict.


Being a mix of cultures such as German, Italian and French, Switzerland has its own unique culture, which is actually a result of its diversity. There are many regional and local festivals all year round. Dance and folk music are quite popular in Switzerland, and yodeling is particularly popular in the mountainous settlements. The Schuhplattler is a traditional dance characterized by jumping, hopping and rapid hip movements.

Woodcarving and embroidery are still very popular in Switzerland. Swiss cuisine is extremely interesting. It is influenced by German, Italian and French cuisine, but you can try numerous dishes that are considered “purely Swiss”. Some of the most popular dishes include fondue, pastetli, zopf, raclette, etc. Almost every town in Switzerland has excellent farms, and most of the products coming from those farms are organic. Many people who have visited Switzerland say they had the most memorable meals in simple, inexpensive local restaurants. The most popular Swiss products (cheese, butter, and cream) are used in preparing nearly all traditional dishes. Unfortunately, the choices for vegetarians are limited. If you want a vegetarian meal, you will have to ask for some help from the waiter.

Switzerland is known for top quality beer and wine. Swiss beer is very popular – both lager and dark beers. Bottled mineral water is also popular in Switzerland, and there are numerous local brands of mineral water.

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