Bern – the enthralling city

Bern, the capital of Switzerland, was founded in 1911. The city is located in the Canton of Bern. This magnificent city has managed to retain all its glorious historic characteristics. Numerous museums, galleries, historically important sites, and a rich culture explain why Bern is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. With its sandstone houses, historical monuments and incredibly beautiful fountains, Bern is a great example of medieval European architecture. Bern’s shimmering fast-flowing green river Aare is surrounded by hills. The river is a very popular tourist spot, especially during the summer season.

Bern is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Although it is a small city, many important historical places are located there, some of them dating back to the 15th century. Bern is also well known for its bears. The name of the city came from the German word “Bern” – bear. When you go to Switzerland, don’t miss the trip to the bear pits to see these adorable animals.
Bern is not a big city. It has nearly 130,000 people. However, it is a political and cultural center of Switzerland. The fact that Bern is not too big makes it an ideal place for tourists. You can visit the most beautiful places and take long walks without having to think about transportation.

Places to see in Bern

Gerechtigkeitsgasse (Justice Alley)

Located in the city’s oldest neighborhood, the Gerechtigkeitsgasse is one of the most popular streets in Bern. The street is lined with arcades and elegant shops on both sides, and the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (Justice Lady) fountain in the middle. This impressive fountain, built in 1543, is a cultural heritage of national significance. The fountain is a statue of the lady of justice “Justitia”, with her loyal subjects underneath. Even though there are numerous fountains in Bern, the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen is undoubtedly the most captivating.


The Kornhausplatz is a well-known plaza in Bern. In summer, you will find the Kornhaus square very crowded, as it is a favorite meeting place and a popular tourist spot. Sometimes you can even find DJs playing music or concerts taking place at the square.

As we said, Bern has a number of fountains, and another famous fountain is located in Kornhausplatz. It is called the Kindlifresserbrunnen (Ogre Fountain). The sculpture of a child-eating giant was built by Hans Gieng, the famous Renaissance sculptor.

The Historical Museum of Bern

This historical castle-like museum is the second largest in Switzerland. It is built in the style of a 16th century castle. The exhibits include the Graechwil Hydria, a bronze vessel of Greek origin dating back to the 6th Century BC, and the Königsfelden Diptych, a true masterpiece of Venetian craftsmanship. It includes collections of prehistoric material and folk art including various types of decorative and applied art. Some of the most exquisite historical and cultural collections in Switzerland are preserved here. There is another separate museum under the same roof. This is the Einstein museum, dedicated to the life and works of the great scientist. The house where Einstein lived from 1903 to 1905 – “Einsteinhaus” – is also open for visitors. Located in 49 Kramgasse, the house is now a small museum. Einstein’s biography and his work are presented on the third floor.

Covered Promenade

This 6km long street has it all: impressive shops, stylish boutiques, traditional markets and exquisite jewelry stores. There are also numerous souvenir shops. This is one of the longest covered promenades in Europe.

The Bear Park

The park was opened in 2009. It has become one of the most popular tourist spots in the town. The bears live in a 6 km2 park located along the Aare banks. The small bear pit is open for visitors every day; the keepers are in the park from 8 AM to 5 PM. The shops open at 8.30 AM and close at 5 PM. Guided tours can be booked online or by phone.


One of the most important sites in Bern, the Zytglogge (Clock Tower) is a medieval wonder built in the 13th century. Exactly four minutes before every hour, there is an interesting four-minute show. This show includes performances by a crowing cock, a knight, several bears, a piper, a lion, and a dancing jester. Let us not forget the timekeeper – one of the most important persons in Bern. Visitors can talk to him and listen to exciting trivia about the clock tower.


This popular square is located in the heart of Bern. With several buildings from the 17th and 18th century and numerous stores, it is one of the most attractive places to visit in Bern. The most popular Marktgasse fontains are Schützenbrunnen (Marksman fountain) and Anna-Seiler-Brunnen fountain.

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